Charles LeClerc Ferrari Mission Winnow 1:2 Helmet

Posted by Toronto Motorsports 20/06/2019 0 Comment(s)


2019 Charles LeClerc Mission Winnow Ferrari Hlemets

***SOLD OUT***


Mission Winnow is a subsidiary of Phillip Morris and has been the primary sponsor for the Ferrari Formula One Team since 2018. In recent months however, there has been controversary surrounding the brand as it relates to anti-tobacco laws throughout the world. Developed as a means to circumvent these stringent laws, they have been called into question and thus forced Ferrari to drop the markings from appearing in some countries. Naturally, this controversary has created a stir within the collecting world where these marking are highly sough after.


Toronto Motorsports has just received a small quantity of 2019 Charles LeClerc 1:2 scale mini helmets with this branding and we expect to sell-out quickly.